Acrylic on canvas
36 in H x 36 in W x 1.5 in D

Text: Whoever said, “don’t quote me, but” must be pretty pissed by now.

Ironically, the words, “Don’t quote me, but” have been repeated time and again. Plus, they’re usually said before a person repeats something they shouldn’t.

Though fun and colorful, the concept is a metaphor for how stories (truth and lies) spread.

The concept begins with the color blue, as in “true blue”. As that “truth” begins to spread, the original color slowly, but surely, decreases while whole new colors are added and then decrease too.

I used layer upon layer of glazes. This adds depth to all the colors. However, every layer also served to put a thin cover over the words. So, with every layer of glaze, I added a new layer of words. Ultimately, the original words were buried under all the new ones just as the truth often is.

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