Wherever you are, I’m there for you.

Professional coaching, marketing & communications techniques. There’s no approach like it.

Successful marketing uses good practices to engage and influence consumers: Be authentic, know your audience, get creative, use win-win strategies, identify objectives and set actionable plans to meet them. I incorporate these with life and career coaching techniques that follow cognitive, solution-focused, values-based and achievement models. I customize every session to you.

This is just the beginning

  • Eliminate self-doubt, gain confidence and be comfortable with yourself and others
  • Be heard, learn how to influence, and negotiate for the position, raise, idea, even the lifestyle you want
  • Learn how to brainstorm and discover creative, constructive ways to resolve conflicts, and overcome challenging people and situations
  • Manage your time better and organize your life so that you’re free to do more of what you love
  • Find your purpose and discover just how powerful a difference you can make in your life and the lives of others
  • Set and achieve professional and personal goals through actionable, realistic planning

Single sessions

Breakthrough session to tackle immediate challenges. Ideal if you’re stuck, need to prepare for an interview, ask for a raise, or trying to weigh out a life change.

Begins with a thorough questionnaire over email then follow up questions. Takes approx. 40 – 60 minutes of your time and mine.

This briefing allows me to strategize, brainstorm and maximize our time in advance of a 90 minute video or phone session. Cost US$220.

Hourly session includes a pre-session email briefing so that we can both be prepared for the 40 to 50 minutes video (or phone) session. Regular cost US$100. US$80 special rate for weekly and bi-weekly clients.

8-Week package

First session Approx. 60 minutes by email and 60 minutes over video. Begins with 3-4 questionnaires, as well as follow-up questions.

This part allows you to focus your thoughts and write down insights before we meet over video.

On my end, I get to strategize, brainstorm potential directions, be ready to maximize every minute with you.

Next 6 weekly sessions Include an email briefing prior to our 40 to 50 minute video meeting.

Final session is a regular session followed by a written recap of our sessions and techniques explored with examples that provide situational context customized to you. Cost: US$660.