Certified Personal and Professional Coach

Best life experience Looking after my mom in her final years.

Worst life experience Buffy being cancelled.

Coaching credentials When I graduated with honors from Universal Coaching Institute (member of the International Coaching Federation), I posted each certification on my personal Facebook page and put “with honors” in caps.

Why humble brag when you can really brag!

Coaching style Supportive, positive, but not in a bubbly cheerleader way. Realistic and straightforward. I love helping people contribute to life in their unique way and build a net of authentic connections around them.

Marketing and communications I was a copywriter and creative strategist for international clients like Procter and Gamble, McDonald’s and Pfizer.

I later launched Online Profile Writer where I wrote dating and LinkedIn profiles using marketing techniques.

I started it for fun, but thanks to clients who trusted and inspired me, it gave me purpose. It also landed me on TV, radio and podcasts as a guest expert.

Social media My Facebook business page is all business, but Instagram is filled with animal photos, art and failed attempts at cooking. You’ve been warned.

Now what about you?