Certified Professional Self-development Coach

I’m a Certified Professional Coach with a breakthrough approach.

I combine marketing, communications and coaching techniques to help you forge ahead in your own unique way and make a difference in the world around you.

I’m Katherine Houston.

Before I became a career and life coach, I wrote LinkedIn and dating profiles using marketing techniques.

I captured the true personalities of my clients; helped them stand out in competitive environments; then set them up for genuine connections.

Soon I became an expert on TV and radio. On NPR, I critiqued a profile live. My advice: Be authentic, know your audience, get creative.

Today I use this combination of techniques to help you sell yourself – on yourself – so you can attract the life, career and people you want while being true to yourself.

How my style of coaching will help your self-development.

Briefly, marketing is the art of connections and persuasion. Communications is about speaking well, being heard and listening. Coaching works on mindset, purpose and goals.

  • Discover your purpose and true potential so you can love what you do and others will too
  • Improve communication and listening skills so you can sell yourself in interviews, presentations and pitches, as well as negotiate the raises, positions and even lifestyle you want
  • Learn creative problem solving to better navigate people and situations at work and in life
  • Set boundaries, manage time and get more done with less stress
  • Set goals and gain control over the direction of your life

Don’t settle for less. You have more potential than you realize. So get the life you want and do it your way.